Stufed Animal Mascots

They used to be allowed to walk around during the day too…

but then there was the Bite of 87’…

Fans have already begun speculating the names of corrupted gems from previous episodes. Can you confirm or deny the following theories: the red eye gem from Laser Light Canon is Spessartine, the giant pufferfish from Beach Party is Watermelon Tourmaline, and the centipeedle from Gem Glow and Monster Buddies is Malachite.


Answers straight from the source:

1. The Red Eye is NOT a gem. 

2. The Pufferfish is DEFINITELY Watermelon Tourmaline.

3. The Centipeetle is absolutely a Gem, but it is NOT Malachite.



If you could only know

What we really are

We were amazed to find

your beauty and your worth

We will protect your kind

We will preserve your Earth

We will protect your Earth(x)



So Cipes uploaded this on his Instagram!!!! This is why I love them so much!!!!!!! THE FEEEEEEELLSSS!!!!!!!!!! xD




The Nightcrawler, also called the Fresno Alien, is a mysterious new cryptid that has so far made two appearances, both in Fresno, California. On both sightings, it was only seen in video footage. It appears to be a relatively short creature (approx. 4 feet in height). It is an extremely thin, white humanoid with no discernable arms. It also appears to be wearing a white gown or cloak of some sort. The Nightcrawler is most known for being one of the two featured video cases on the second episode of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. X

This post is inspired by thecryptocreep post:X

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they are coming…

And even then it was blinding…

And even then it was blinding…


7am the usual morning lineup, start on the chores and liberate ‘til all the pokemon are free


7am the usual morning lineup, start on the chores and liberate ‘til all the pokemon are free


Okay, so I was talking with saiyanshredder over Skype about what Gems the monsters could’ve been before they were corrupted. I know someone’s already pointed out that the Centipeetle was likely Malachite. Through some basic Google searching, I think I may have found two others:

The Red Eye…


A few of the boards I jumped in and did for Mirror Gem! My stuff is mixed in there toward the end, inside the incredible Lapis sequence boarded by Paul Villeco!